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Kakikomi Magical Girls is an ongoing comic by Hachiware House, a tiny creative studio based in California and Hawaii 🌸
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《 it's going to be okay 》

Himari Aragaki

Age: 21
Birthday: February 26
Occupation: College Student
Hobby: Manga, anime, videogames
Fun Fact: Owns 7 ita bags.

Himariis Ayane’s close friend, roommate, and classmate. Unlike Ayane, however, she hasn’t been thinking much about life after graduation. Instead, she plays a lot of video games and barely manages to put in the minimal effort required for passing her classes. Despite her seemingly dismissive attitude and laziness, Himari is an extremely quick and unconventional thinker who isn’t afraid to color outside the lines, and will work with dedication if it’s for a cause she believes in.

Ayane Imai

Age: 21
Occupation: College Student, Intern
Hobby: Reading
Fun Fact: Bad at cooking.

Ayane university student majoring in business and an intern at Shiori’s company. Although hardly crossing paths before becoming magical girls, they did admire each other’s pens and stationery from afar. Aiming for a secure career and financial stability, she’s taking on the most difficult college classes, additional extra credit assignments, internships… which leaves her little time to spare for personal interests. Ayane believes she must do anything she can to be successful, even if it means turning away from her true passions.


Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Occupation: Mascot
Hobby: Drawing
Fun Fact: Likes persimmons, can waddle at 5 mph.

The adorable mascot of the mysterious stationery brand, Anshin Design Lab! A fluffy penguin outfitted with a tie and trusty pencil (he prefers wooden pencils over mechanical ones), Kakkikomy is cheerful, optimistic, and ever-supportive of the Brave Supply Co.

Mikako Kamiya (神谷実果子)

Age: 17
Birthday: March 21
Occupation: High School Student, Year 3
Hobby: Photography
Fun Fact: Hates bell peppers.

Mikako is a hardworking third-year high school student and Shiori’s little sister. She is usually outgoing and idealistic, but due to the stress of school and pressures of college entrance exams, her fiery personality has burned out. Like her sister, she is also a stationery otaku and considers her favorite Anshin Design Lab mascot pencil as her lucky charm when studying. During her rare moments of free time, she enjoys photography and taking care of her pet rhinoceros beetleー “Major Hellacross”.

Shiori Kamiya (神谷紙折)

Age: 26
Birthday: October 14
Occupation: Office Worker
Hobby: Phone Games
Fun Fact: Placed top-tier in a game event as a F2P player.

Shiori is a typical office worker in their twentiesー overworked, underpaid, and perpetually tired. To get through the daily grind, she enjoys collecting stationery and playing rhythm games on her phone during breaks. Behind an outward appearance of calmness and patience, Shiori carries a deep sense of anxiety and disillusionment for her future.